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Digital Movie Company Prelude2Cinema has become a Branded Entertainment Company

To explore what that means, we first have to look at what is branded entertainment.


Read an Excellent site on how Product Placement Works.




The IT girl movie

A Surreal Movie about Product Placement

This movie premiered in London and was shown in France, New York and Cleveland.

What is Branded Entertainment?

First, it looks like product placement, but it is not. It is the integration of a brand into a creative production. The integration must be done in a way that promotes the product, but also allows the creative production to entertain.


This is a new field, but yet it has its roots in the beginning of movies and television.


Prelude2Cinema first flirted with branded entertainment when it began the TV Series "Out of Darkness." Now the company is still producing the TV Series, but it is also focused on gaining a firm hold in the business of integrating brands into creative productions.


Prelude2Cinema has three Clients , Lucy's Sweet Surrender, Massimo's and the Velvet Dog that it integrated into the TV Series. This generated new business though press and word of mouth for the companies.

Branded Entertainment is not a simple matter of sticking a product in the scene, but actually finding a way the characters can "realistically" interact with the brand. In real life, we are surrounded by brands.


No doubt you are reading this on a brand name computer. Your monitor may be the same brand or another company. The clothes you wear are a brand. The car you drive. And if you're drinking coffee, well the name of your coffee probably begins with a "S." The world is full of brands. A Company has their name on everything around you.


So, if we are to create entertainment that mirrors life, we must include brands. This official step into being a branded entertainment company will not deter Prelude2Cinema's goal of creating the digital media industry in northeast Ohio. Nor will it stop us from creating dramatic productions. We will serve both agendas, by being focused on the field that will allow us to entertain and sell at the same time.

It is a careful balancing act. Yet, we are more than ready and now is the time. Stay tuned...

Info on Branded Entertainment

Prelude2Cinema uses Branded Entertainment in its TV Series


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